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Integrity Technology Solutions is a trusted business and technology partner for local businesses in Central Illinois. We provide customized technology solutions built for your business.

Through personalized support we become an extension of your team, offering level one support to CIO level technology planning and consulting services. Our promise to you is to always act in your best interest, respond quickly, and to do things right the first time.

Are you in need of a fully staffed IT department or supplemental services and support for your internal IT employees? Integrity has the training, experience, tools, and resources to support you and the business knowledge to understand the impact to your business.

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    Nefarious characters aren't just for fairy tales anymore. In the modern age, we hear time and again about major companies being breached by hackers and third parties who are determined to steal sensitive data. Of course, preventing these illegal transgressions is a first-order priority.

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    Digitalization is par for the course these days within companies of all sizes. But as more organizations go paperless—a boon for maximizing efficiency—companies may also be putting their sensitive information at greater risk. 

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    Cybersecurity can be a daunting task.  There are multiple factors to take into consideration and it can be easily overwhelming for a small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).  But there are some essential factors that should be reviewed on a regular basis.