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Considering a Career at Integrity?


Life at Integrity is different than what you’ll find in most businesses.

Integrity invests in its team, empowering employees with financial literacy education through Open Book Management and stoking the entrepreneurial spirit through running EOS®. Working at Integrity means growing professionally beyond what your individual job description suggests.

Here are some other benefits and perks of working at Integrity:

We’ve Got
You Covered

Integrity offers a wide range of insurance coverage opportunities for its employees, including health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and term life insurance. If you’re in need of insurance coverage, Integrity has an option available.

PTO For Your
Personal Life

Integrity offers paid holidays and generous PTO to be used however you wish. Additionally, Integrity gives employees a bonus day off during their birthday month and anniversary bonus day(s) off during the month or month following their Integrity anniversary. A two-week paid parental leave policy is in place to help parents adjust to their new life.

Money For
What Matters

Integrity is happy to invest in its team and its community. If you’re volunteering your time to a non-profit, Integrity will match in paid volunteer hours. Giving a gift to a non-profit? Integrity will match up to $100 each year. Saving for retirement? Integrity will contribute to your 401(k).

Time For The Team

When you work at Integrity, you can expect social opportunities for you and your coworkers to spend time getting to know each other better.

Tech Discounts

Whether your personal laptop is on its last legs or you’re looking for a nicer monitor for your desktop at home, you can buy computer equipment from Integrity at company cost. Upgrade your set-up and save money.

To Your Health

Integrity offers a variety of activities and educational opportunities to enhance your health and well-being. Healthy habits, preventative care, and your well-being are priorities at Integrity.

Level Up

Ready to take the next step in your career? Interested in learning a new skill? Working towards that next certification? ‘Learn and Teach Every Day’ is more than a value, it’s an expectation. Integrity offers paid training, professional certifications, and continued learning opportunities.


All internships have been put on hold until further notice.

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