Our Team


Mary Bennett Henrichs

President & CEO

Integrity’s leader, visionary, and dedicated community advocate.

Josh Krueger

Chief Technology Officer

Mentor and identifier of all future trends and best practices.

Patti Orzel


HR, communications, operations, and Open Book Management.

Kirt McReynolds

Technology Advisor

Trusted advisor, promoting business success and efficiency.


David Aberle

Service Manager

Jeremy Daniel

Strategic Business Advisor

Riley Dittus

RemoteFix Engineer

David Dziekan

RemoteFix Engineer Team Lead

Cris Eslinger Stephenson

Service Scheduler

Brandy Finney

Security Administrator & StreamlineIT/SharePoint Consultant

Nikki Fulfer

Security Engineer
Team Lead

Steve Galt

IT Specialist

Chad Geiser

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Cindy Giessenger

Office Coordinator

Katy Gesell

Strategic Business Advisor

Shannon Gerwick

Strategic Business Advisor

Evan James

Network Engineer

Andrew Johnson

RemoteFix Engineer

Sarah Krueger

Product and Licensing Specialist

Kody Miller

Network Technician

Carlos T. Miranda

Solutions Architect

Jake Morgan

Business Continuity Engineer

Ricardo Patino

Network Engineer

Daniel Phillips

Network Engineer

Janie Rainey

Communication & Engagement Coordinator

Cortney Rounsaville

Network Engineer

Cecil Shinke

RemoteFix Engineer

Ryan Shrier

Security Engineer

Scott Sprouls

Technology Advisor

John Street

Provisioning Engineer

Scott Stevens

Information Security Advisor

Aaron Terronez

Project Manager

Paul Tkach

Paul Tkach

Network Engineer

Mike Walls

Senior Network Engineer

Vicki Wessel

Vice President, Finance

John Woodall

RemoteFix Engineer

Dameon Woodfin

Network Engineer

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