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Who We Are


At Integrity, our team lives our core values each and every day.

When you work at Integrity, ‘Learn and Teach Every Day’ isn’t an empty catchphrase.

In addition to professional certifications and paid training, you’ll have ongoing learning opportunities while collaborating with fellow team members.

Integrity is not only our name, ‘Do the Right Thing’ is reflected in how we conduct ourselves with our clients, in the community, and with each other.


Relationships matter.

The average tenure of current Integrity employees is almost 7 years, demonstrating that ‘Relationships Matter’ between team members and to Integrity’s clients.

Integrity’s core values shape the team’s work experience and directly influence the quality of services provided to clients.

Core Values

Learn and Teach Every Day

Do The Right Thing

Relationships Matter

Positive and Engaging People

Relentless Accountability & Unwavering Commitment


Open Book Management

Integrity practices Open Book Management, ensuring that employees are financially literate.

With Open Book Management, Integrity employees are conditioned to think and act like business owners. Through line of sight into the company’s financial picture, Integrity employees understand the economics of business and how every action taken affects company performance.

Open Book Management empowers Integrity employees to hold themselves accountable for the success of the company and promotes efficiency. It encourages better decision-making internally and better decision-making in the interest of Integrity’s clients.



Integrity runs the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. EOS® informs how Integrity runs meetings, solves issues, and delivers client services.

With EOS® in play, Integrity has the necessary tools and processes it needs to equip its team for success. Integrity operates effectively, leading to a better culture internally and better value for clients.

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