We would like to introduce you to our people and share a little bit about Integrity’s culture, but what’s more important is what all of this means to you. Why is doing business with Integrity different?

“Experience” is a good word to use to kick things off because not only does it apply to the experience our people bring to the table to better support you, but also the level of service you will experience when working with Integrity. We’ve been supporting local businesses and building relationships since 1993. Integrity team members have worked at Integrity for an average of over seven years. Not many technology companies can say that! How important is it to you to build relationships with the people who support you?

With that said, Integrity Technology Solutions is not a “vendor”. We establish true partnerships with the businesses we serve. Integrity specializes in IT support and services, but we’re also a connector in our business community and provide access to the resources you need to be successful. As for technology related services, the agreements we have with our clients hold Integrity accountable to earning your business every day. We prefer handshakes to handcuffs and bet you do too.

A name like “Integrity” comes with great responsibility. Our promise to you is that we will always act in your best interest. We’ve maintained unmatched flexibility in our products and services by design so you will never have to wonder about a hidden agenda. We’re able to quickly change as technology changes which means your business can stay up-to-date with the most efficient and secure technology solutions.

Let’s take integrity a step further. We use an open book management approach to operating our business. This means we open our books and provide financial literacy training to all of our people. We’ll even invite you to one of our huddles so that you can see what open book management is all about! Partnering with a company like Integrity that practices open book management ensures that you are working with a stable, successful business with a high level of ethical standards and integrity. Our people are engaged, responsible, business-minded technology professionals who are encouraged to think and act like business owners. As IT professionals who truly understand business, we’re in a unique position to offer you great value that will help your business run more efficiently and impact that good ‘ole bottom line.

The Integrity Culture

Integrity's Brand Promise:

-Respond quickly
-Do it Right the First Time
-Always Act in the Client's Best Interest

We honor an important set of Core Values. These values work to shape our decisions and guide our actions.

The Integrity Team

Mary Bennett Henrichs

Mary Bennett Henrichs

President & CEO
Integrity’s leader, visionary, and dedicated community advocate
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Josh Krueger

Josh Krueger

Chief Technology Officer
Mentor and identifier of all future trends and best practices
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Patti Orzel

HR, communications, operations and “Open Book Management”
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Kirt McReynolds

Kirt McReynolds

Technology Advisor
Trusted advisor promoting business success and efficiency
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David Aberle

Service Manager

Jeremy Daniel

Strategic Business Advisor

Riley Dittus

RemoteFix Engineer

David Dziekan

RemoteFix Engineer
Team Lead

Cris Eslinger Stephenson

Service Scheduler

Brandy Finney

Security Administrator &
StreamlineIT / SharePoint Consultant

Nikki Fulfer

Security Engineer
Team Lead

Steve Galt

IT Specialist

Chad Geiser

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Cindy Giessenger

Office Coordinator

Katy Gesell

Strategic Business Advisor

Shannon Gerwick

Strategic Business Advisor

Evan James

RemoteFix Engineer

Andrew Johnson

RemoteFix Engineer

Sarah Krueger

Product and Licensing Specialist

Tim Maurer

Consulting Engineer

Kody Miller

Network Technician

Carlos T. Miranda

Network Engineer

Jake Morgan

Business Continuity Engineer

Ricardo Patino

Network Engineer

Daniel Phillips

RemoteFix Engineer

Jaine Rainey

Communication & Engagement Coordinator

Cortney Rounsaville

Network Engineer

Cecil Shinke

RemoteFix Engineer

Ryan Shrier

Security Engineer

John Street

Provisioning Engineer

Scott Stevens

Information Security Advisor

Aaron Terronez

Project Manager

Paul Tkach

Network Engineer

Mike Walls

Senior Network Engineer

Vicki Wessel

Vice President, Finance

Matt Westerfield

Network Engineer