Integrity Connects

“Integrity Connects” is an initiative that connects local businesses to the resources they need to be successful. Integrity does this by providing access to learning, collaboration, networking, and small group opportunities.

At the center of this initiative is Integrity’s Learning and Collaboration Center, designed to bring business leaders and community members together in a joint push for prosperity and growth.

Integrity offers training sessions in cyber security awareness, general technology, software applications, and many more tech-based courses. In addition, we provide access to resources outside of technology in areas such as leadership, communication, productivity, marketing, finance, personal development, and more!

Networking is an essential part of a healthy business community. Integrity makes networking easier and more available by providing opportunities to join small groups or to sit on executive roundtables.

“Integrity Connects” is much more than just a dedicated space at Integrity’s office. We provide training and resources at your location when your business has a specific need. We also provide access to select events online. In the event you need a physical space for your company’s meeting or training session, the Learning and Collaboration Center is available for your business to reserve. Fully equipped with the latest technology and the best resources available, Integrity’s Learning and Collaboration Center is ideal for your next event.

Bringing the local business community together, pooling great resources and experience to help with your success is what Integrity Connects is all about!

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